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Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son

In case you’re wondering, I watched it on a plane. Then ordered it, and the previous two in the series, on Lovefilm so my family could watch it as well. The critical response was rather mixed.

To summarise, the entirety of the Big Mommas trilogy follows the same basic plot structure:

  1. A brief introduction of the main characters.
  2. Something happens which means the main characters must run away somewhere.
  3. The only possible disguise is a fat suit, complete with garish dresses.
  4. Bring on the transvestitism.
  5. Gag involving man seducing the man in a transvestite fat suit.
  6. Gag involving boy in a transvestite fat suit seducing a girl.
  7. Man in a transvestite fat suit beats the real women at being a woman.
  8. Everything ends happily ever after.

Big Mommas

Complete with falsetto voices

My favourite scene so far is the one involving Malcolm, a.k.a. Big Momma, and Kurtis Kool, the school security guard playing Twister. Especially the fact that Kurtis doesn’t seem to mind the fact he’s been led on by an FBI agent all for the whereabouts of a music box and a chicken. And that it apparently isn’t the first time he’s accidentally groped an overweight transvestite who happens to be his mother’s age.

All in all, a productive use of five hours of my life.

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